EPEn's worldwide experience
In line with our core values and business strategies, we will offer our clients worldwide an innovative approach to address environmental and climate change challenges - for more information, please see our services page https://t.co/F8ewzsyYhg
4 months 2 weeks ago
In addition to our wide range of services in terms of investment strategy, renewable energy and risk assessment/management, EPEn offers a holistic approach to support our clients manage their existing and future projects in energy, renewable and other sectors.
4 months 2 weeks ago
EPEn refreshes and redevelops our services in environmental consultancy and climate change mitigation and adaptation to better meet the changing needs of our clients and global market demand for clean energy, environmentally responsible developments and climate change resilience.
4 months 2 weeks ago

Europe: Fast and efficient developments combined with rigorous risks and opportunities management – that is the key to success in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. More

North Sea: The revived North Sea with its technology driven developments continue to be a region of significance to the industry. We ensure our clients get the most out of their interests here. More

Middle East: The Middle East continues to be a centre of gravity for our activities. Our project portfolio is significant – clients know we go the extra mile, and always strive to exceed expectations. More

Africa: From the deepwater west through onshore east and to the diverse north, growth on the African continent is astonishing – EPConsult Energies support our clients realising their potential. More

Asia & Australia: EPConsult Energies is proud to support prestigious companies in their development projects and will continue to do so from conception through to operations. Asia’s proven reserves along with Australia’s rapidly growing LNG developments makes the region very attractive to investors. More

Americas: From un-conventional through ultra-deep-water and to onshore developments, EPEn is active in solving some of industry’s toughest challenges; That includes new technologies for shale gas development. More

EPConsult Energies

Who we are

EPConsult Energies (EPEn) is an independent energy consultancy with expertise in oil, gas and renewables. We are an agile, innovative team of oil, gas and renewables specialists with extensive experience in our industry. We pride ourselves on our experienced and professional people supported by excellent systems, delivering technology-driven cost-effective solutions.

We cherish sustainable relations both with our clients and our staff and are passionate about making our clients successful. This forms the foundation of our core values.