About Us

About Us

Registrations & Memberships

Our Certification

We've been independently assessed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) against internationally recognised standards. We are certified as ISO 9001:2015 quality management compliant under certificate number FS 561273 for “Provision of consultancy services in the areas of feasibility studies, field development engineering, conceptual design, project management, risk management, health, safety and environment assessment, and asset integrity management for the energy sector”.




Our Registration

EPConsult Energies is a registered supplier, having completed the ‘Advanced Registration Assessment’ for both the Achilles FPAL system (UK and The Netherlands) and the Achilles JQS system (Norway and Denmark).



Reg. No.: 10048901                                       Reg No.: 4609519        


EPConsult Energies has been approved by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as an approved supplier of technical consultancy services to the EBRD and it’s funded projects.



EPConsult Energies is an approved supplier for the Asian Development Bank in the fields of oil and gas production and transmission, petrochemicals and energy efficiency.




Our Memberships

EPConsult Energies is proud to be a Corporate Member of the Danish-UK Association. With our offices in London and Copenhagen we mirror the vision of the association, and our founder and managing director, Martin Helmuth Larsen is Danish.