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About Us

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We've been independently assessed by BSI against internationally recognised standards showing our commitment to quality and assurance.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certified by BSI under certificate number FS 561273.

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Achilles works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of major organisations worldwide.
In order to simplify the prequalification process while enhancing procurement, EPEn has completed the Advanced Registration Assessment, becoming a registered supplier in the FPAL database (UK and The Netherlands) and the Achilles JQS database (Norway and Denmark).
Oil and gas companies from these countries can now identify us through these databases as potential suppliers and award contracts for engineering services without undergoing a tedious pre-qualification process. 


Reg. No.: 10048901                                                       Reg No.: 4609519        


The Danish – UK Association is a network of business and trade professionals interested in promoting trade between the UK and Denmark. EPEn has strong links with Denmark and the Scandinavian region and has a number of clients in this region. Our Managing Director Martin Helmuth Larsen is Danish and is keen to promote business between the UK and Denmark.