About Us

About Us

Vision & Mission


EPConsult Energies aspires to become the leading medium-sized energy consultancy, through delivery of expert consultancy in our eight areas of services, projecting our core values.


EPConsult Energies is committed to optimum usage of earth’s energy resources. We are passionate about enduring energy solutions that are sustainable and ethically fit into an operational practical sphere.

EPConsult Energies supports the world’s energy institutions, governments and companies in selecting the best energy mix while optimising technology, assets and economics, within the constraints of climate, environment, risks and opportunities.

EPConsult Energies supports energy companies in achieving the maximum benefits from their assets by selecting innovative solutions and development plans that are fit for purpose, suit specific operating environments and return maximum economic benefits.

EPConsult Energies supports energy companies in evaluating safety, health, environment, social impact and security for projects and operations and provides advice in striking the right balance between risk and rewards.

EPConsult Energies helps operators make the best use of their facilities through asset integrity life management.

EPConsult Energies secures effective implementation of client projects through efficient project delivery and quality management.

EPConsult Energies is passionate about Intelligent Engineering.