Perenco – Concept Development

Preparation of Concept Development for the Masseko A well-head stand-alone offshore jacket platform in the Republic of Congo 9 km north of Yombo in about 120 m water depth. The phase 1 Masseko A platform will be installed with 6 wells drilled. The facilities on the platform comprises: boat-landing access, 18 slots for production and injection wells, 6 production well drilling, Future water injection package, A top deck for work-over activities, Diesel power generation, A 10” riser, from platform to Yombo B, Degassing process and required utilities. 


Tullow Oil – South Lokichar Development – CAPEX-RAM Study

South Lokichar Basin Phase 1 Development Project. Performed a CAPEX – RAM Study, focused at identifying opportunities for cost cutting without significant reduction in Availability. The study identified high cost facilities systems and studied the cost cutting versus Availability change if taken out of the facilities. In addition, the study optimised the storage capacity and associated storage CAPEX investment. The results were presented in a ∆CAPEX versus ∆Availability graph.

Total Total E&P Angola – CLOV Project – RAM Study – Angola

Total E&P Angola is implementing the significant CLOV project in deep water Angola. The CLOV project comprises four fields located in Block 17, approximately 200 km from the coast of Angola. The fields within the development are Cravo, Lirio, Orquidea and Violeta in water depths ranging from 1050 to 1350 m. The development comprises 34 subsea wells including 19 oil producers and 15 water injectors. EPConsult Energies has worked with Total and JP Kenny in modelling the complete subsea production system and optimising the design in order to optimise production availability as well as reliability and maintainability. Cost benefit analysis was applied in decision making and the target availability was achieved.

Chevron – West African Gas Pipeline Project – QRA – Nigeria Benin Togo – Ghana

A consortium of international energy companies, including Shell and Chevron, together with African commercials and authorities are implementing the West African Gas Pipeline Project, supplying Nigerian gas for power generation in Togo, Benin and Ghana. EPConsult Energies has performed Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for the project. Recommendations were broken into categories and submitted via the QRA report for implementation.

Anadarko/Sonatrach – EL Merk Project – Pipeline Engineering Studies

As part of the FEED phase for the significant El Merk Development project in the Algerian desert, EPConsult Energies has worked alongside JP Kenny performing Safety and Risk Assessment reviews, in order to optimise the design and operability for the project FEED package.


KBR – West Nile Delta facilities – Critical P&ID Review – Eastern Mediterranean

KBR, the Define Phase Engineering Contractor for the BP West Nile Delta (WND) facilities, employed EPConsult Energies to chair a Critical P&ID Review over a six week period during November and December 2010. The HAZOP format, utilising primary and secondary guidewords to analyse deviations from design intent, was adopted for the review of the main processes. A combination of HAZOP and What If Reviews was used to analyse the utility systems. A risk ranking was carried out of the hazard events that gave rise to actions and the study report was used to provide input to the SIL Classification Study and to bid documents for the subsequent engineering phase.


Burullus / ENPPI – WDDM Phase VII Main Compression Project – Risk Assessment – Egypt

EPConsult Energies has carried out essential safety and risk assessment studies for the Phase VII Compression Project of the West Delta Deep Marine Development project. The Emergency Systems and Survivability Analysis (ESSA) and Projectiles Study will help optimise the plant design, layout and operational constraints. HAZOP, SIL and QRA studies were equally performed in order to ensure a safe design and an adequate level of plant integrity.

ConocoPhillips – MLN Facilities – Operations Optimisation Project

ConocoPhillips is the operator of the MLN oil field, located in the Berkine Basin area Block 405a, Algeria. In relation to a revamping project and associated operational preparedness, EPConsult Energies was commissioned to perform an optimisation project involving a RAM study and Operational Review. The project involved modelling the existing and new facilities in order to study the optimum integration of the new plant, focusing on increased oil production. The project also involved visiting the site, studying logistical delays, interviewing operational staff, performing a competence review, ergonomics study and review operational procedures. The report presented specific recommendations on how to improve production availability through facilities optimisation and operational improvements.


Tullow Oil – South Lokichar Development – Concept Optimisation

Tullow Oil and its partners are progressing the South Lokichar development in Northwest Kenya; It’s a challenging large-scale and widespread development in a remote location with minimal infrastructure; The crude is waxy and the estimated recoverable is significant; Two recent wells (ultimo’15) have promising improved quality oil properties. EPConsult Energies is working with Tullow Oil, performing Conceptual Optimisation studies, applying production availability techniques to derive ways to improve the facilities concept, operability and the logistical elements of the project, all with the ultimate goal of enhancing the development economics.


Eritrea Port Authority – Massawa Jetty Project – Oil Spills Contingency Plan – Eritrea

The port authority of Eritrea is implementing the Massawa Jetty Project for the import of petroleum products. The World Bank is supporting the project which has completed the FEED Phase. EPConsult Energies was commissioned to produce the hazard register, fire risk assessment, training plan.

Heritage Oil

Heritage Oil – Kingfisher Development Project – Field Development Plan – Uganda

This study concerns the development of this field in an undeveloped virgin petroleum basin around Lake Albert in Uganda in a pristine environmentally sensitive region with no industrial infrastructure. The scope includes building a Reservoir Simulation model from the client supplied geo-science model to optimise the field development including the number and location of wells. The facilities, flowlines and pipeline definition includes conceptual engineering, process simulation and design and flow assurance. The scope also includes the crude oil export infrastructure that consists of pipelines, terminals as well as rail and inland water transport. Power generation and transmission concepts were an important part of this Field Development Plan. The project controls scope consists of project and cost scheduling, CAPEX and activity based OPEX estimating.


Zueitina Oil Company – Concession Area 103 – H2S Risk Assessment Study – Libya

Zueitina Oil Company operates a number of oil and gas producing facilities in concession area 103; this includes two oil production plants, and two gas plants together with a marine terminal and LPG plant. EPConsult Energies was commissioned to perform a review into these plants ability to adequately respond to H2S hazardous events. A thorough assessment of occupational health and safety risk assessment due to hydrogen sulphide at these oil and gas production, storage and export facilities was performed. The result of the assessment was documented in a report presenting recommendation associated with zoning, improved detection systems and new procedures.