Pluspetrol - F&G Gap Analysis for Brownfield Site - Pisco Plant and Marine Birth

Pluspetrol Company (PPC) of Peru is the operator of the Pisco NGL Fractionation Plant, which is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, 14 kilometres south of the city of Pisco, Ica, Peru. The Plant is fed with Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) through a pipeline from the Malvinas Plant located on the Urubamba River, 500 km east of Lima, Peru. The Pisco Plant is also supplied with on-spec natural gas from Malvinas, which is used to meet the plant energy consumption requirements. At Pisco, NGL is fractionated into propane, butane, naphtha and diesel products. These products are stored on site and then exported through the Marine Berth Facilities (located approximately 3km offshore) or through the Truck Loading Facilities (LPG and Diesel).

EPEn performed the Fire and Gas Gap Analysis for Pisco Plant and Marine Berth facilities.

The scope of work was:

  • Assess the adequacy of the present F&G detector location and orientation for its completeness and consistency
  • Suggest new detectors to be added or existing to be relocated for an optimized coverage of the Plant Isolated Sections.
  • Define the characteristics and location for any of the possible new detectors identified.

EPEn used Detect3D F&G mapping software and the analysis consisted of a methodology as follows:

  • On site collection of existing F&G detectors list, installation details (height, orientation etc), specifications.
  •  Definition of proposed company standard and required approach for F&G systems, including placement, voting, instrumentation requirements, assessment of potential instrumentation types and vendors.
  • Definition of the F&G mapping zones and subzones.
  • Definition of coverage targets for F&G zones and subzones.
  • Positioning of F&G detectors within the Detect3D Model of the facility and assessment of the coverage areas.
  • F&G detectors layout optimization and list of recommendations.

EPEn advised a new detection layout with several new detectors installed for an optimum coverage with an industry standard. This study was done using a volumetric approach using Detect 3D software and a complete set of recommendations was submitted to Pluspetrol corporation. The study was completed on budget and with additional elements (full set of 3D site walk through videos).



Technical due diligence for a major FPSO project

Navitas Petroleum (https://www.navitaspet.com/) is a public oil and natural gas exploration and production partnership with significant exploration prospects focused on North America.
In support of their investment in a potential major greenfield FPSO project, EPEn was engaged to conduct a comprehensive independent technical due diligence exercise covering wells, subsea, flow assurance, turret and risers, FPSO topsides, marine engineering, export systems, logistics and infrastructure, operations, maintenance, commissioning and start-up, project services and technical assurance.


Chevron - Blind Faith Development Project

Facilitated workshop for Blind Faith Project team and KMG Partner to review Topsides Design Philosophy Differences.


Statoil Brazil - Peregrino Field Development

Peregrino Field Development: reviewed the proposed process design of the FPSO topsides. Peregrino is a highly viscous 14 API heavy oil. The scope of the Design Review was the separation and water treatment facilities. Design changes were recommended to improve product quality, operability and flexibility.

Total E&P - Carina Energy Project

Conceptual engineering study for the Argentine division of Total E&P. The work involved pipeline route optimisation, Transient Flow Assurance (OLGA2000) and the analyses of tying into existing pipeline infrastructure via Y-connection.


Oil States Hydrotech - FMECA and Reliability Analysis

FMECA and Reliability Analysis for collet connectors, male end closures and running tools for use in subsea wye tie-ins, and for FlexJoints used to hang the steel catenary risers from the floating production facilities in of the BP Mardi Gras Transportation System.


PDVSA - NGL V Fractional Project 

HAZOP Reviews and SIL Validation, Venezuela - A team of EPConsult Engineers and Consultants conducted HAZOP Reviews, SIL Reviews and performed SIL Validation report for the NGL V Fractionation Project in Venezuela.


Petronas/Bechtel - Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas

Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas: This new development by Petronas, the Malaysian Giant, for LNG production using Canadian natural gas resources. The proposed plant is to be located offshore Canada on Lelu Island south of Prince Rupert in British Columbia. Production is planned now for 12,800,000 tonnes of LNG/annum with an option for a further 50% in the future. The FEED HAZOP for the project, chaired by EPEn, took place in Bechtel’s London offices from January to its recent conclusion in March 2014.


Pluspetrol, Peru – Preparation of comprehensive Quantitative Risk Assessment

Preparation of comprehensive Quantitative Risk Assessment for the Malvinas Amazon plant which is undergoing plant expansion and new pipelines. Using QRA, EPEn’s scope was to determine the optimum camp and office location, given the new expansion scope.


Shell Brazil - Risk assessment

Shell Brazil is operating its Campos Basin oil fields Bijupira and Salema from the MODEC leased Fluminense FPSO.  The knuckleboom crane on board the vessel suffered damage and needed change-out/repair. EPEn was commissioned to perform a risk assessment to determine the optimum in-situ repair/replacement solution.