Offshore Wind Licensing Rounds – Predictive Algorithm for Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioning

 In an increasingly congested UK continental shelf, new offshore wind license areas, potential new wind farm developments and existing oil and gas offshore infrastructure will occupy adjacent or even overlapping areas in the offshore space. Within the next 5-15 years many of the existing offshore oil and gas facilities will be decommissioned, but these mid to long-term decommissioning plans are not publicly available information.  EPEn’s engineering and technical specialists have developed an in-house algorithm to predict offshore oil and gas platform decommissioning in UK offshore blocks.


EPEn’s data processing and evaluation provides clients with a dashboard of mappable data predicting platform and other oil and gas infrastructure decommissioning in areas of interest such as the Offshore Wind Licensing rounds. The result is a “heat-map” of predicted future oil and gas decommissioning activity based on extrapolations and interpretations of publicly available data combined with EPEn’s in-house data base.


To provide the predictive decommissioning heat-map, a proprietary algorithm has been developed which can be tailored to your specific business intelligence requirements. This approach can include, but is not limited to, a detailed breakdown and quantification of offshore infrastructure, relative concentration of the full range of offshore activity, consideration of remaining reserves and production volumes, exploration activity, relative neighbouring-block activity and applications submitted by block operators. The specific criteria are chosen and undergo a Kepner-Tregoe ranking based on our years of experience within oil and gas. Additional narrative and analysis is provided to further explore the insight generated.


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