Client Area

Client Area

Client Area

Welcome to our Client Area

Our Client Area provides for efficient communication between our clients and EPConsult Energies across our regions.

It allows fast transfer and access to data between our clients and us.

It provides easy low-cost conferencing between our clients and us.

It gives our clients an efficient project planning tool, allowing you to book study teams ahead of schedule.

Project Area

This area is a security enabled document sharing area for specific clients and specific projects. If you are a client wanting access to the project documentation, please enter the provided username and password. If you are a client and do not yet have access to the project area, please contact the EPConsult Energies Project Manager or email

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As we know, in project development environments, planning is key to success. Example: - if you know you have a requirement for a study to be executed in approx 4 months, with an expected duration of say 7 weeks, requiring approximately 3 specialists, you can save time, money, hassle and pre-book a specialist team for execution -> Here is how it works:

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Video and Tele Conferencing

We are committed to travel to see our clients anywhere – and we are great believers in the value of face-to-face communication. We are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint and save time and money. For this reason we also encourage tele-conferencing and vide-conferencing when appropriate.

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