Life Extension - New WP

EPConsult Energies’ (EPEn) experience in delivering Life Extension studies derives from our expertise in Asset Integrity Management, Performance Optimisation, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability; Health, Safety and Environmental Management and thought leadership in Quantitative Risk Assessment.

In addition, EPEn has significant experience in CAPEX and OPEX estimation, which is crucial when developing the optimum Life Extension implementation plan for an installation.

“When we saw Life Extension becoming a significant issue for our industry, we decided to prepare a new ‘Work Practice for Life Extension’, which our Clients are now benefitting from. The Work Practice provides a robust process for handling a variety of life extension challenges in a concise and consistent manner”, says David Price, Principal Consultant at EPEn.

Some examples of Life Extension studies performed for our clients include: ADGAS, Das Island UAE – Life Extension Procedure for Onshore LNG Facilities and Concept Development for Life Extension Tool; CNOOC South China Sea – Life Extension Study for Jacket Topsides Facilities; DONG O&G – North Sea - Life Extension Study for subsea facilities and pipelines, in preparation for Partner Review; ZADCO Offshore Platform Cranes Replacement Project, involving application of Value Engineering to determine the Obsolescence Replacement strategy.


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