Value Engineering Results in Savings for ZADCO Asset Life Extension Project

EPConsult Energies (EPEn) recently completed a Value Engineering Study for a project in the UAE where asset life extension and obsolescence were critical challenges. This involved applying the Value Engineering technique for a complex offshore ZADCO installation to support the client in deriving, optimising and justifying the final scope for the installation’s late life operation.

The Value Engineering study was performed in three phases:

Phase 1: Data discovery and workshop preparation

Phase 2: Executing the workshop with the client’s team – collaboratively designing functions and then identifying risks and opportunities

Phase 3: Subjecting findings in-house to a further creative analytical review resulting in innovative value propositions; then the issue of the final report including opportunity ranking and recommendations

The resulting life extension solution was based on cost, technical and risk rank. The final recommendations were justified based on what equipment and systems should be subject to revised maintenance and inspection programme, which parts should be repaired and which systems required replacement. These recommendations took account for life cycle cost and obsolescence considerations. The results also considered contracting strategies, cost and availability of vessels and the associated transports and logistics.

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