Asset Development Planning

Asset Development Planning

Conceptual Design

EPConsult Energies expertise in performing Conceptual Engineering is unprecedented. Our approach and techniques are proven and are based on years of refinement. We are flexible to fully take the lead or to work in an integrated team with our clients. 

Oil and gas developments have many complex and inter-related challenges including flow assurance (e.g. wax, hydrates), remoteness, environmental sensitivity, deep water and logistics.  No matter what the challenge is EPEn will always be able to mobilize the right resources to derive an optimal techno-economic solution for our clients’ developments.

We have offshore and onshore experience from the North Sea, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our multi-disciplinary teams of experts work in integrated teams to develop the optimum Conceptual Design for your oil or gas field. 

This phase of your project is our opportunity for innovation. This is when the cost of change is small – so we explore smart developments, new oil and gas technologies and study options and alternatives, before selecting the best concept. 

We typically develop a base case concept, on which we develop optional concepts and present these to our client in a conceptual selection matrix. We develop criteria for concept selection and initiate the screening process.

EPEn’s multi-disciplinary team of specialist engineers and consultants will during this phase study facilities options, perform process simulations, flow-assurance, develop the digital oil field strategy, and perform all the associated engineering to support the successful delivery of an economic and technially optimal development concept.   This empowers our client to progress their project into the Front End Engineering Design phase.  

The Digital Oil Field strategy will also be developed at this stage: EPEn’s EP-DoF aims to provide enhanced communication solutions for remote monitoring and control, directing the correct amount of data to the correct people, ensuring rapid and informed decisions.

In parallel to the technology and engineering development; project controls will be prepared, e.g. HSE screening, Risk assessment, Development schedule, Equipment listing, CAPEX, OPEX and Economics.

EPEn has great people, great systems and the expertise to deliver best-in-class Conceptual Engineering Studies. 



Deliverables from our Conceptual Engineering consultancy services are:

  • Conceptual engineering report: typically includes development engineering; conceptual selection; technology review; facilities definition based on process simulation and flow-assurance, cost estimation, project controls;  Risks, HSE, Schedule; CAPEX and OPEX estimates and Economics

  • FEED Basis of Design

  • FEED Scope of Work

The above is our standard approach. However clients and developments are different – and often require a bespoke approach dependent on different drivers. 

We are experts at conducting conceptual engineering for our clients. Our Energy Consultancy Services provide you with advice on the best strategy and structure for the development engineering phase of your project. In addition we have great experience in supporting our clients with contracting and tendering.

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Conceptual engineering may include value engineering as a tool to help derive the best concept for the development.


Case Study Example:

Heritage Oil - Field Development Plan

GFD/Exxon - Concept Selection Study