Asset Development Planning

Asset Development Planning

Schedule, Cost & Economics

During the different phases of development engineering planning we continue to refine the Development Schedule, the CAPEX, the OPEX and the Economics.

Performing these crucial tasks requires significant experience and great understanding of the key drivers behind schedule, work breakdown structure (WBS) planning and oil and gas life cycle costs and economics. The teams at EPConsult Energies have that experience – backed by state-of-the-art software, tools and databases.

We make use of commercial software, in-house software and maintain data bases in order to drive the best oil and gas life cycle cost (LCC) estimates for production. It’s all focused on optimising your energy project..

The level 1 activities in a development schedule typically include:

  • Concept engineering

  • Field development approval

  • Geotechnical survey / Geophysical survey

  • Permits and EIA

  • FEED

  • Detailed engineering

  • Procurement

  • Transportation

  • Pre-fabrication

  • Construction

  • Pre-commissioning

  • Commissioning

  • Hand-over

  • Float / contingency

Schedule and CAPEX estimates for different regions require special attention to subjects such as drilling, logistical constraints, national price index, risks, decision points associated with peer review, benchmarking, uncertainties and sensitivities and algorithm adjustments to take account for special conditions.

OPEX estimation approaches can be adjusted to client requirements and financial parameters. We typically make sure that the delivery of OPEX estimates can be used going forward during production-operation. OPEX estimates include chemicals, fuel, logistics, operator staff, wells, pipelines, processing facilities, power generation operations and maintenance activities, etc.

We typically make use of Net Present Value (NPV) for economic evaluation and have a specially adapted model that can easily be customised to your requirements. We provide recommendations on financial parameters to oilfield NPV analysis for your review and approval. We typically recommend that Sensitivity Studies are performed for various NPV oil price scenarios.