Asset Development Planning

Asset Development Planning

Value Engineering

EPConsult Energies recommends to apply Value Engineering methodology during the concept selection phase and again during detailed design process to optimise the selected engineering solution. 

During the early phases of projects, key issues and difficulties arise around a vast number of conflicting pressures regarding functional analysis, engineering, operations, cost, safety, schedule, reliability, environmental issues, etc. Value Engineering assists in managing and optimising a project solution, taking into account these and many other project related elements.

Our project teams have proven abilities in interface management and the facilitation of workshops.  Collaboration and integration is key to ensure that project suggestion counter-arguments are dealt with immediately by subject matter experts, saving time and money.  Our recommendations are always based on demonstrable justification. Value Engineering workshops are hosted at an early stage of the project phase with the objective of stimulating creative thinking – the 'blue-sky' approach. Our value engineering workshops address:

  • Functional Design

  • Value Creation

  • Risk Analysis

  • Cost Estimation

  • Options Screening

The initial functional design and value engineering workshops make use of a guided process to lead the team through the workshops with the objective of attaining optimum evaluation for your energy project. At EPConsult Energies the benefit of value engineering comes from a proven methodology, experienced engineers and the combination of workshops and offline desktop analysis.
By spending a relatively short amount of time on value engineering, most conceivable concepts will have been considered and there will be an audit trail demonstrating why certain options were screened out - and how we arrived at the optimum solution.