HSE & Risk Assessment

HSE & Risk Assessment

Environmental and Social Assessment & Permitting

An environmental and social assessment is a process to identify, predict and evaluate the potential environmental and social effects of a proposed project. This process happens before decisions about a proposed project are made.

EPConsult Energies experience in the field of environmental and social assessment process spans the entire project life cycle from environmental screening, scoping, design review workshops/ENVID, detailed environmental/social baseline surveys, environmental impact assessment/modelling, mitigation/monitoring measures, through to compliance monitoring and auditing during the construction, operational and decommissioning phases of the project.

Our environmental and consultancy services incudes the following:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

  • Environmental Baseline Surveys and Monitoring (Water, Air, Noise, Marine and Terrestrial Ecology, Soil and Groundwater).

  • Environmental modelling (air, noise, hydrodynamic, groundwater, etc).

  • Drones surveys and habitat mapping.

  • BAT/IPCC studies, assessment, and cost-benefit analysis.

  • GIS support services/mapping.

  • Environmental Management & Monitoring Plans (EM&MP).

  • Ecology and biodiversity consultancy services.

  • Habitat Compensation and Management Plans (HC&MP).

  • Energy Audits and Management.

  • Sustainability and Green Building Science and Engineering.


EPConsult Energies works across various sectors with a diverse group of clients including government agencies, engineering firms, contractors and private corporations.

Our key sectors include:

  • Oil and Gas (Upstream, Downstream, Offshore, Onshore).

  • Ports and Harbors.

  • Utilities and Infrastructure.

  • Power and Energy.

  • Renewable energy projects.

  • Developments (Coastal, Waterfront, Residential).

  • Transport (Roads, Bridges, Marine, Rail/Underground, Airports).

  • Dredging and Marine Operations.

  • Construction.

  • Industry.