Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Project Auditing

Compliance with the elements of the Project Management System will be routinely checked through a Project Audit Plan, details of which are provided in the Quality Management System.

In addition, EPEn recommend that compliance with the deliverables requirements of each project phase, be confirmed by project readiness gate reviews.

The purpose of these reviews is to assess the status of the project and its readiness to proceed to the subsequent phase.

Release of funding can be made conditional upon achieving an agreed level of readiness, which can be defined in many ways; an example being the US Construction Industry Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI), which is widely used throughout the oil and gas industry.


Project Readiness to Proceed (Front End Loading) Gate Reviews

Incomplete development of Front End Engineering invariably leads to additional risk being carried during the Execution Phase of a project. A consequence of this will equally invariably be late changes leading to expenditure and schedule overruns.
The gate reviews held in support of full project budget sanction prior to commencing the Execution Phase, should include a structured process to measure the status of Front End Engineering, and readiness to proceed.
EPEn advocate the application of the industry standard PDRI to meet this requirement.

What is PDRI?

The Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) for Projects is a powerful and simple tool for measuring the degree of scope development on projects, by offering a method to measure project scope definition for completeness. 
The PDRI offers a comprehensive checklist of 64 scope definition elements in an easy-to-use score sheet format.  Each element is weighted based on its relative importance to the other elements. Since the PDRI score relates to risk, those areas that need work can easily be isolated. (A PDRI score of 200 or less has been shown to greatly increase the probability of a successful project.) The PDRI identifies and precisely describes each critical element in a scope definition package and allows a project team to quickly predict factors impacting project risk. It is intended to evaluate the completeness of scope definition at any point prior to the time a project is considered for development of construction documents and construction.
EPEn can offer a turnkey service applying PDRI to measure your project’s readiness to proceed into Execution Phase.