Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Project Controls


EPEn deploys energy industry-standard project controls software for managing time, money and human resources.

Cost estimates and associated levels of accuracy and confidence, are produced commensurate with the corresponding phase of the project. As the project progresses, there is an increasing level of detail in design and purchase documentation deliverables, and accuracy of cost estimates will reflect this evolving level of detail. This is illustrated in the project phase diagram under Project Management System.

Similarly, project execution plans and schedules evolve as the project phases evolve.

We consider it important that confidence levels (P10, P50, P90), and contingency levels, for both cost estimates and project schedules, are in alignment throughout the project, arising from the clear link between spending time and spending money

An early understanding of the schedule expectations of project stakeholders, and a matching process to resolve misalignments, has proved to be a valuable first step in developing a project schedule that has the support of all stakeholders.

EPEn’s MultiDiscipline Milestone Management (MMM) work process, often held in conjunction with Risk Management Workshops, ensures that all stakeholders and team members are aligned on schedule expectations.

The output from this work process then becomes the input data upon which the project execution schedule can be developed.