Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Renewables Application Technologies

EPEn is passionate about optimising the most promising renewable technologies and provide Clients with the best solutions for their new and existing energy systems. This may involve:


  • Studying array set-up, wireless instrumentation and change out philosophies for Solar Plants with the objectives of driving up efficiency and making these systems more economic.
  • Reviewing the size of a Hydrogen Plant along with its design life and challenging material technologies and availability targets – all with the goal of making these increasingly attractive in combination with wind energy.
  • Challenging existing operations and maintenance routines for Offshore Wind – with the objective of cutting OPEX and without compromising safety and reliability. See also OPEX Optimisation Studies.
  • It can also involve making better use of Biogas Plants by enhancing the effectiveness of the processing system, improving materials selection – with the overall goal of optimising the life cycle cost of Biogas systems.
  • Water is in use in all energy systems. We specialise in water management, which involve re-use of water, reduce water contamination, recirculation of hot water for energy optimisation, studying the overall water mass balances for energy systems. See also Double Footprint
  • Emissions are present in all energy systems. We specialise in studying the most adequate way of eliminating or controlling undesired emissions and securing an energy systems design that minimises emissions in general. See also Double Footprint.
  • EPEn also make use of its well-established study methodologies to derive optimum energy solutions for our clients – see other study types and assessment methodologies in other parts of our website.


To help meet your renewable energy objectives we can also support you with:


  • Forming an energy policy
  • Prepare a feasibility study for your potential renewables project
  • Advising on the best energy forms to introduce in your country
  • Calculating your environmental foot print / the CO2 emission for your country, project or for an activity
  • Developing environmental management plans for renewables projects
  • Perform a health, safety, environmental, social and security (HSESS) impact study for your project

To discuss your energy challenges and reduce the life cycle cost of your energy system, schedule an informal discussion with one of our specialist’s