Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Energy Mix Optimisation

Governments, institutions and the public are increasingly concerned about global warming, security of supply and the cost of energy. This is an additional driver for getting the energy mix right. The top driver for selecting the optimum energy mix is that it makes socio-economic sense. 


These days there is a wealth of different types of energy types and energy opportunities for governments and energy corporations. Governments need to select the perfect energy mix for their country. EPConsult Energies (EPEn) are well placed to support in selecting the best energy mix.

We need a concerted effort to tackle earth’s challenges with sustainable energy solutions, considering the environment, social demographics and economical sustainability. At EPConsult Energies we are passionate about getting this right. We monitor and keep abreast of our environmental footprint – through the emission footprint and water footprint – and we can do that for you too.


We derive the optimum energy mix from many sources of data, including:

  • The sphere within which energy is required
  • The political climate
  • The economic viability along with predicted future industrial and economic growth
  • Industrial and public distribution, consumption and future predictions
  • Existing energy infrastructure, logistics, potential investments and life spans
  • What worked before – and what energy forms are likely to excel in the country’s environment
  • Current and future security of supply
  • Health, safety, environment, security and quality impact on screened energy types
  • Socially responsible and ethical considerations in sustainable solutions
  • Energy trading environment


EPEn can either guide you or take the lead in getting this right. For an initial consultation please contact us via phone or email

Attaining an optimum energy mix is about selecting the right mix of different types of energy forms for one country, as a function of time. Selecting the right energy mix requires taking into account existing infrastructure, taking account of future growth, and considering all the factors under energy opportunities.

Smart countries select their energy mix by involving external energy experts and neighbouring countries.

Most countries now have basic goals regarding their renewable energy mix. Such goals and targets need optimisation in order to fit in with the long-term planning and ensure that targets are realistic. EPEn support governments and companies in getting this right.

The renewable energy mix may be selected from the following types of energy sources:

  • Solar
  • Wave         
  • Tidal       
  • Wind     
  • Hydropower    
  • Geothermal    
  • Biomass    
  • Bio fuel        
  • Fossil fuels (oil, gas and associated products)       
  • Coal     
  • Nuclear   
  • Emerging technologies (e.g. fusion, battery technology, smart-gravitation, etc.)


EPConsult Energies’ in-depth understanding of energy forms together with our experience in opportunity and risk management provides the right skills for advising you on your optimum energy mix. To discuss this further please contact us at