Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Double Footprint

An energy development project’s carbon footprint and water footprint, the Double Footprint, is a key success criteria in determining whether the project may be considered as being optimised and sustainable.

For any energy development project there are numerous emission types and different water resource challenges.



EPEn supports the Carbon World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the World Water Forum and the UK government scheme designed to improve energy efficiency and cut CO2 emissions for high energy users: the Carbon Reduction Commitment energy efficiency scheme.

EPEn makes use of its vast experience and analysis techniques when supporting its clients with strategies and technologies that will help them implement responsible energy solutions that are smart, clean and efficient.

EPEn can take full ownership from start to finish in managing the Double Footprint assessment and the sustainable development solution as an independent consultant or we can work in an integrated team.

Society, the environment and industry require energy solutions that are suitable, sufficient and sustainable. Our approach follow these guiding principles:


  • Suitable in a way that the carbon footprint can be justified and that the water footprint that is left behind is acceptable and environmentally responsible.
  • Sufficient such that energy supply and demands are understood, managed and monitored, and that security of energy supply, transmission and distribution are not compromised, and
  • Sustainable – such that we improve our understanding of how the long-term solution is adequate from a resource, supply, economics, environmental and social perspective.


The success of humanity’s long-term balance between energy consumption and the eco system depends on understanding and applying the Double Footprint approach; and this applies on a local, regional and global scale.

In addition to the above, there are also very real benefits to companies that embrace the Double Footprint concept in that by being pro-active and investing a little time and effort at the design stage, long-term savings can be achieved.

EPEn specialises in supporting organisations and the industry in deriving Double Footprint solutions.

At each Energy Development stage we verify that the suitability, sufficiency and sustainability checks are in-sync with pre-set development requirements.

EPConsult Energies applies many technologies, techniques, processes and study methodologies to support our Clients deriving technical feasible and economically viable energy solutions, See also Concept Selection.

To discuss how EPEn can assist you in realising the benefits of implementing the Double Footprint concept, we invite you to propose a call or a meeting and you may contact us here