Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Smart Power Plants

Smart Power Plants

Smart Power Plants are developed through a stage-wise approach where all stakeholders are given an opportunity to provide input to the project.

Smart Power Plants are engineered for multi-fuel operation, ensuring that different operation-economic regimes may govern dependent on market resource and commodity prices.

Smart Power Plants are engineered and built in JV with different specialist coming together under one umbrella organisation. Because of EPEn’s wide energy system experience, EPEn can bring the right partners together on your behalf, and EPEn can also project manage the delivery of your Smart Power Plant.


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Existing Power Plants

The lack of optimum operation and maintenance management plans, together with substantial cycling operations are some of the key factors that may lead to low efficiency and high operational costs for thermal power plants.

In addition, the imbalance between power and heat demand leads to difficulties in establishing the optimum operational regime for CHP power plants.

The intermittency of wind energy and the difficulties in integrating renewable energy production provides one of the most challenging problems the power industry faces today and will face for the upcoming years.

EPConsult Energies (EPEn) supports power plant operators in:

  • Balancing plant’s operation and reduce ramping
  • Improving security, efficiency and quality in power generation
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Optimising the response to changes in energy demand
  • Increasing awareness in variation of energy demand


In order to make plants more profitable and meet power and heat demands, models are developed for the power plant operation in order to maximise revenue from power generation.

Automation tools provide the advantage of controlling the facilities in the most efficient and cost effective way. Fuel supply, operation of boilers and feed water control are automated based on optimisation tools.

Audits can be performed on auxiliary systems by EPEn. By optimizing the performance of the auxiliary systems and matching these precisely to the needs of the plant, the fuel usage from such systems can be reduced.

EPConsult Energies have developed innovative methodologies to overcome some of these challenges and has ongoing programmes in place to further research this area; all with the objective of optimising the running of power plants whilst minimising carbon emissions.


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