Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Wind Energy Solutions

Welcome to EPConsult Energies Wind Energy solutions.

We provide wind energy solutions worldwide. We have more experience with offshore wind energy but equally provide our services for onshore.

Wind energy has undergone dramatic innovation, progress and penetration in the last decade, which accelerated from 2012 with increasingly large WTG’s and now also floating wind turbines. With this comes all the traditional development, implementation and operation challenges.

And the more unplanned and unforeseen challenges has equally come about. Subjects that require innovative thinking and digital solution, where it makes economic sense.


EPEn provides smart cost effective wind energy solutions in the following areas:

  • Operational heavy lifts cost cutting strategies

  • Uptime improvement and OPEX reduction via digital EP-AIP tool

  • Life extension optimisation through digital predictive solutions

  • Application technologies for new generation WTGs, change-out philosophies, battery accommodated solutions, kite concepts where applicable, hybrid renewable technologies integration, and environmental management solutions

  • Research and development in new specialist equipment and concepts


EPEn provides cost effective traditional solutions in the following areas:

  • Opportunity framing

  • Opportunity and risk management

  • Value engineering

  • Availability and reliability, incl. WTG Performance Optimisation

  • Managing projects for designing and implementing wind, wave, structural load and power curve measurement programs for utility scale wind farms

  • Peer review

  • Project audit

  • HSE studies

  • Asset integrity and performance

  • Maintenance optimisation

  • OPEX optimisation

  • Life extension

  • Abandonment and decommissioning


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